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Research Science Institute (RSI)

RSI pairs scientific coursework with a research internship to allow students to “experience the entire research cycle from start to finish.” Students work on individual research projects under the mentorship of veteran scientists and present their findings at the program’s conclusion.

who should apply?academically very strong students with passions for STEM and research
eligible grade levelsjuniors
costfree ($65 application fee ?)
opensnow open
deadlineJanuary 14, 2022
decisions releasedTBA
date of programJune 26 – August 6, 2022
locationMIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
selectivity80 students

application requirements

  • US citizens/permanent residents OR international student
  • students with one year remaining before graduation from high school

application process

  • personal, family, educational information
  • indicate research field choices (may have follow-up questions)
  • five personal statement questions
  • standardized testing scores
  • computer skills, STEM related awards + accomplishments
  • two letters of recommendation (from STEM teacher and/or research supervisor)


  • programming is still prospective for 2022 program pending pandemic.
  • This is probably the most selective, prestigious, and competitive high-school leveled program in the country. Take it seriously.

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