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Notre Dame Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars is a competitive, 10-day program on Notre Dame’s campus for academically talented students who show impressive leadership within their communities. Approximately 120 students are admitted to Leadership Seminars each year, and students are eligible to receive one transferable college credit upon completion of the program. Tuition, housing, and meals for students admitted to Leadership Seminars will be paid for by the University.

who should apply?students who demonstrate leadership in their communities
eligible grade levelsjuniors
cost$60 application fee + $150 enrollment fee + travel expenses (application fee waivers + travel aid “granted rarely and only in extreme circumstances”, no aid available for enrollment fee
opensOct. 18, 2021
deadlineJan 17: financial aid forms due
Jan 24: application due
Feb 28: test scores due (optional)
decisions releasedTBA
date of programJuly 16 – 27, 2022
locationUniversity of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana)

application requirements

  • current HS junior entering senior year in fall of 2022
  • planning to enter college immediately after HS
  • demonstrated leadership abilities in school, church, community, and/or social organizations
  • must be 16 years old by or on August 1, 2022
  • vaccines may be mandated to participate in in-person programming

application process

  • two essays (unclear length)
  • one letter of recommendation
  • counselor report
  • basic information
  • transcripts
  • standardized test scores (encouraged but not required)
  • int’l students must submit a TOEFL or Duolingo score


  • Admitted students are generally in the top 10% of their class, having pursued the most rigorous curriculum offered in their high schools. The mid-range SAT score for math & reading is 1300-1500 or 31 and above for the ACT. (This is the general profile of admitted students, NOT acceptance requirements.) Standardized test scores are not required, but are preferred in order to enhance a student’s application.

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