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Economics for Leaders (EFL)

Economics for Leaders (EFL) is a selective summer program that teaches student leaders how to integrate economics into the process of decision-making in an interactive learning environment.

The goal of EFL is to give promising students the skills to be more effective leaders and to teach them how to employ economic analysis when considering difficult public policy choices. This course focuses on the introduction and application of economic concepts and economic reasoning skills and introduces students to leadership theory. Given the difficult public policy choices facing governments and their citizens around the globe because COVID-19, teaching these skills and knowledge to the next generation of leaders is one of the most important actions we can take now to ensure our future prosperity.

who should apply?student leaders
eligible grade levelssophomores + juniors
cost$25 application fee
$2,000 (in-person) or $700 (online) scholarships available, based on need, popular sites have very limited funding
opensDecember 2021
decisions releasedTBA
date of programthroughout June-August 2022
locationvaries, may be virtual
selectivity~25-40 students chosen per campus

application requirements

  • current sophomore or junior in high school

application process

required materials:

  • basic basic personal info
  • one letter of recommendation
  • full HS transcript
  • one personal statement essay (750 words or less)


  • college credit in collaboration with the University of Colorado – Boulder is available for an additional fee + completion of additional assignments

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