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Bank of America Student Leaders

The Student Leaders program connects 225 high school juniors and seniors to employment, skills development and service. They’re awarded paid summer internships with local nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity and Boys and Girls Clubs of America and participate in a national leadership summit in Washington, D.C.

who should apply?community-minded students
eligible grade levelsjuniors + seniors
opensNov 1, 2021
deadlineJan. 28, 2022 11:59 PM EST
decisions releasedweek of April 10, 2022
date of program8-week summer internship including Leadership Summit (July 25-30, 2022)
location– local nonprofit/charity (internship)
– Washington, D.C
selectivity~300 students chosen nationwide, but selections are divided by market

application requirements

  • be a current junior or senior in high school
  • legally authorized to work in the US without sponsorship through the end of Sept. 2022
  • be able to participate in an 8-week paid internship at a local nonprofile/charitable org. + work 35 hrs/week
  • be able to participate in a mandatory Student Leadership Summit in Washington, DC
  • be a student in good standing
  • permanently reside in one of the eligible markets for summer 2022 (listed here)

application process

required materials:

  • multiple short answer questions (generally not exceeding 1000 characters)
  • community and/or service involvement (elaborate on one of them)
  • one letter of recommendation which must be
    • from admin/counselor/teacher at current school
    • on school letterhead
    • signed by the recommender
    • in PDF format


  • There are 300 students chosen nationwide, but as far as I know it is easier to be chosen from a less competitive / less populated market. While there may be more organizations in densely populated areas, there are still a lot more applicants. Have contingency plans if this does not go according to plan.
  • From previous applicant from North Carolina who got waitlisted: “are very ruthless with rejections/waitlists”, “they only accepted 3 people from my county”. Apparently very vocal about their decisions (emailed, texted, called)

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