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Amherst College – A2A

As part of Amherst College’s commitment to diversity, the Office of Admission will be hosting Access to Amherst (A2A) in the fall to introduce prospective applicants to Amherst’s campus, student body, faculty, and classes. A2A is available to all prospective students, but the selection committee prioritizes the invitation of students from historically excluded groups, such as African-American, Hispanic/Latinx American, Native American, and Asian-American backgrounds, as well as first-generation students. To support socioeconomic diversity, the selection committee will also prioritize students from families with limited financial resources, regardless of cultural or racial background.

who should apply?first-gen and/or low-income, minorities
eligible grade levelsseniors
costfree (all applicants have $65 college app fee waived)
opensMay 2022
deadlineSept. 1, 2022
decisions releasedTBA
date of programearly October 2022
locationAmherst College (Amherst, MA)

application requirements

  • HS senior in the fall of 2022

application process

application materials:

  • essay (350 words or less)
  • copy of transcript through junior year
  • list of senior classes
  • letter of recommendation

recommended to have:

  • academic writing sample + comments from teacher if available
  • school profile


  • Amherst College is a private liberal arts college. One of the few colleges that have an open curriculum (similar to Brown University)

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